Me-Time [mini post]

Gooood morning!

This is what #MeTime looks like for this Mommy at 6:30 AM. Hunni’s gone to work, baby’s still asleep, and the house is STILL. I’ve got my #YankeeCandle burning and I’ve pumped a full 6oz. from ONE boob (while soaking) using my #Medela handheld pump. Pure #zen!
TIP: #Breastfeeding moms, did you know that relaxation and form is key for maximum output when pumping?

Listen, I know it’s hard to NOT feel guilty about taking time for ourselves because we think baby needs 1000% of our attention all day, everyday. Not only is it helpful, but also ESSENTIAL to our vitality and well-being. Decompress and turn your brain OFF for a few minutes and simply pray, meditate, or focus on your breathing. It’ll work wonders! Back to soaking I go…

I want to know how YOU decompress and squeeze in a few minutes of Mommy Me-Time throughout your day/week. Comment below!

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