Gerber Snacks for Jax


As most of you know, I am a stay-at-home-mom who is actively pursuing acting. When I have to go to auditions or gigs, Jax now attends daycare. He’s been my road-dog and has  accompanied me to most of my auditions up until a few months ago when he began to be more mobile (and vocal). LOL! Our morning routine typically consists of the same things – wake up, cuddle, wash face, brush teeth, diaper change, more cuddles, and breakfast of course. Sometimes, Jax requests to listen to music when he’s having breakfast. He lets us know by snapping his fingers and doing a little jig in his high chair. LOL! We usually have oatmeal and fruit most mornings, but let’s face it, kids can get bored with food. Easily. To be honest, he sometimes just takes a few bites then aggressively spits the oatmeal out and reaches for the ‘boo’ (blue) containers. Cue the Gerber snacks!


Now, I’ve been a stay-at-home-mom with him since he was born. So naturally, attending daycare was a little frightening for he and I. I had a million questions.

Are they going to comfort him when he cries or just let him cry it out forever? Will he sit in a wet diaper all day? Will they take their time to try to feed him even when he spits food out or turns his head? I’m sure most moms can relate.

It’s always good to include familiar items from home that can comfort babies and toddlers when they are in an unfamiliar setting. Along with his blanket, his lovey, and a few other essentials, I always remember to pack the ‘boo’ (blue) containers (Gerber’s Little Crunchies, Yogurt Melts, and Puffs.) Jax is a finicky eater, but he has yet to toss these overboard.  Gerber’s snacks are nutritious with good for you ingredients like whole grains, real fruit and yogurt, with no added bad stuff (no artificial flavors/no synthetic colors). Change in environment can sometimes also curb a little ones appetite so having these handy allows me to know that his nutrition isn’t being compromised.  These littles are also great for self-feeding and allow toddlers to feel independent by having the ability to feed themselves. While snacking does not replace meals, it’s important to ensure that snacks, too, are meaningful building blocks in your child’s overall nutrition.

Here’s a few fun facts:

  • Little ones 8-24 months get about 25-30% of their daily calories from snacks.
  • 1/3 of 8-24 month olds are not eating whole grains on a given day.
  • 90% of 2 and 3 year olds fall short on MyPlate recommendations for whole grains.

Next time you’re out grocery shopping, be sure to visit the baby section and pick up a few Gerber snacks for your little one using these coupons! 



For an added treat, try popping the yogurt bites in the freezer for those hot days ahead.

Disclaimer: Parents may or may not enjoy them too. 


12 thoughts on “Gerber Snacks for Jax”

  1. I absolutely love Gerber products! My son was a Gerber baby. Now 24 and expecting a little one of his own, I’m sure she will be a Gerber baby as well!


    1. Yes, Ele! Gerber has definitely got it right! You can always tell this by how long the company stays around and they’ve DEFINITELY passed the test of time! Thanks for your feedback and blessings on the arrival of the little one!


  2. No more toddlers for me but Jax is so cute I had to check it out! Gerber snacks were always a necessity in the diaper bag.


  3. I beleive Gerber should make an adult line so i can stop looking like a mean mom eating all my daughter’s. No lie I purchased her two of the snacks, got stuck in traffic and ate them both. She saw the empty containers and flipped out on me crying. I felt horrible. Jax just made me want more !!!


  4. I have to say that personally the Gerber Puffs saved us my kids are very picky eaters and could not find snacks that they actually enjoyed or even consumed. They were my go-to snacks through there infant years


    1. It’s so true Verde! Something about those Puffs. Jax was picky when we started table food and still is at times but these things have always been a hit! Thanks for reading and commenting!


  5. Jax is a Happy growing 100% Cute lil fella. I personally don’t have any kids but l would definitely consider Gerber snacks for my nieces and nephew and perhaps myself.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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