My Personal Pregnancy Fitness Faves

As you’ve probably read in my About Me section, I am expecting my first little munchkin in October 2016. Being from Louisiana (and still visiting quite frequently), I’ve realized how easy it can be to fall into the “I can eat everything I want to now” trap. Believe me, EVERYONE will want to feed you once they find out you are with child. Lol! Auntie, Grandma, Mommy, Mr. Johnnie from the corner store, will all offer meals on top of meals to aid in the growth of your little angel. If you were so kindly raised to believe that it is just rude to reject anything being offered (like myself), this post is for you. I’ve scoured Pinterest and the internet to find workouts tailored to us Mums-to-be to help us stay toned during ‘baking season.’

5 Simple Pregnancy Exercises for Every Trimester

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