A Traumatic Day with Jax

A week ago today at this exact time, we were in the ER. What we experienced on this day is something that I would not wish on my worst enemy. Continue reading “A Traumatic Day with Jax”


Gerber Snacks for Jax


As most of you know, I am a stay-at-home-mom who is actively pursuing acting. When I have to go to auditions or gigs, Jax now attends daycare. He’s been my road-dog and has  accompanied me to most of my auditions up until a few months ago when he began to be more mobile (and vocal). LOL! Our morning routine typically consists of the same things – wake up, cuddle, wash face, brush teeth, diaper change, more cuddles, and breakfast of course. Sometimes, Jax requests to listen to music when he’s having breakfast. He lets us know by snapping his fingers and doing a little jig in his high chair. LOL! We usually have oatmeal and fruit most mornings, but let’s face it, kids can get bored with food. Easily. To be honest, he sometimes just takes a few bites then aggressively spits the oatmeal out and reaches for the ‘boo’ (blue) containers. Cue the Gerber snacks! Continue reading “Gerber Snacks for Jax”


My Martin Luther King Day

Today, I experienced a variety of emotions. Today, I marched because he believed and I still do believe. Today I marched because he had a dream which now allows my dreams to come to fruition. Continue reading “My Martin Luther King Day”


Lessons in Year 28

Last year, I celebrated my 28th birthday with family, friends and, more importantly, carrying life within. There’s some things that I’ve learned (well more like accepted and adopted) over the course of this year.  Continue reading “Lessons in Year 28”

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The Kangaroo Shirt by Lalabu

Calling all baby wearers!
While I have a wrap and a backpack, nothing is quite as easy as wearing my Lalabu Soothe Shirt.

Definition of Soothe [verb]

1. To tranquilize or calm, as a person or the feelings; relieve, comfort, or refresh.
2. To bring comfort, solace, or reassurance to.

This tank does just that and more for baby Jaxon. Think of the Soothe Shirt as a human kangaroo pouch! Isn’t that a dream come true? Come on! I know I’m not the only one who wishes they had a built in pouch to carry their kid. OK maybe I am.

It’s so easy to slide him in and out of the shirt without having to clip or tie anything. This is perfect for on the go lifestyles. How I wish this shirt would support the weight of infants up to one year old. Am I asking for too much? Maybe just a little bit. Lol! I didn’t think that he would be able to fit in it at three months, but he seemed so comfortable and well supported. I even got a few smiles!

I proceeded to contact customer service to see if the shirt would be suitable for his weight and age. In no time, I received a response from someone with all the specs. Talk about awesome customer service! This, sometimes, sells a product or service better than anything else.

I love this shirt for freeing up my hands to do household tasks like wash dishes and laundry. I wouldn’t recommend wearing your baby any kind of way while cooking though. I also love how this helps in transporting my baby to and from the car. I can leave the car seat in the car and transfer Jax easily without having to bear the weight of the car seat plus the baby. Not to mention most times I’m also trying to carry a backpack, a bunch of store bags, the kitchen sink, and my ‘fro. I trust that my shirt will carry baby’s weight securely and I can proceed without worry. The extension flap is also great for additional support as he grows.


Nursing is super easy in the Soothe Shirt too! Plus, it’s quite stylish so you can wear it out alone or under a cardigan. I’m telling you, it’s magical people! Oh dads, there’s a shirt for you too. You can view them here.
Now I need one in EVERY color! Ah! This is GENIUS Lalabu team!



How I Wore My Great Expectations Maternity from Walmart

Good day my loves!

I’ve missed you all so much! This is my first post as a new Mommy. Yep, that’s right. Baby Jaxon is here! It’s been a few weeks since his early arrival, but I’ve been selfishly using this time to adjust and give him all my attention. (Stay tuned for my labor post which will hopefully be up on the blog soon. I can’t wait to share all the details.)

In this post, I’m going to showcase how I wore my pieces gifted by Great Expectations maternity line found in Walmart. Continue reading “How I Wore My Great Expectations Maternity from Walmart”


PinkBlush Maternity + Giveaway

Hola! Como estas?

{That’s the depth of my Spanish vocab people. Lol!}

With the Fall season upon us, I figured I’d share one of my favorite cool weather maternity dresses from none other than PinkBlush Maternity. They have some of the cutest pieces to choose from for us Mommies-to-be that still want to be trendy. Not only are they just all around awesome, but they’ve partnered with me to give away a $75 gift card to one of my lucky readers out there! Fabulous, right? Read more to find out how you can enter… Continue reading “PinkBlush Maternity + Giveaway”


Motherhood Closet Consignment Boutique – Sunday Style

Hola friends!

I hope all is well. Oh how I’ve missed you! We’ve still been on the road between Louisiana and Texas with ours and friends’ baby showers and the final phases of moving. YES! On my last style post, I featured one of my absolute favorite maternity pieces by ASOS Maternity which came from consignment boutique, Motherhood Closet. If you missed it,  you can check it out here. Today, I’m going to feature 2 more dresses (yes I love dresses) from MC which have been my go-to Sunday style picks over the past couple weeks. Continue reading “Motherhood Closet Consignment Boutique – Sunday Style”


Motherhood Closet Consignment Boutique – Maternity Style Pt. 1

Hello all!

I am SO excited to tell you about my new partnership with Motherhood Closet. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, is an online maternity consignment boutique featuring some of the best designers. You can purchase items brand new, used, or (you won’t believe this one) RENT gently used maternity pieces at affordable prices. Let’s face it. We aren’t pregnant forever, so what’s the use in purchasing bulk loads of maternity clothes that you may not ever wear again? Continue reading “Motherhood Closet Consignment Boutique – Maternity Style Pt. 1”