Gerber Snacks for Jax


As most of you know, I am a stay-at-home-mom who is actively pursuing acting. When I have to go to auditions or gigs, Jax now attends daycare. He’s been my road-dog and has  accompanied me to most of my auditions up until a few months ago when he began to be more mobile (and vocal). LOL! Our morning routine typically consists of the same things – wake up, cuddle, wash face, brush teeth, diaper change, more cuddles, and breakfast of course. Sometimes, Jax requests to listen to music when he’s having breakfast. He lets us know by snapping his fingers and doing a little jig in his high chair. LOL! We usually have oatmeal and fruit most mornings, but let’s face it, kids can get bored with food. Easily. To be honest, he sometimes just takes a few bites then aggressively spits the oatmeal out and reaches for the ‘boo’ (blue) containers. Cue the Gerber snacks! Continue reading “Gerber Snacks for Jax”