Good, Fresh Eats!

Welp, summer is officially upon us here in Houston, TX. In other words, IT. IS. HAWT! Besides the fact that I don’t want to feel like an overblown balloon, I haven’t really been having a hunch for heavy foods lately. So, I’ve been exploring the green side of feasting. Now, I am not the most healthy in the bunch. Honestly! [I won’t openly admit to scarfing down 5 traditional mild wings with potato wedges covered in shredded cheese and cajun seasoning from Buffalo Wild Wings within an hour of consuming meal #1 below.] Nonetheless, considering that I’m eating for myself and a little one now, I’m trying to make more health conscious decisions. Anywho, I thought I should share a couple of my favorite go-tos that I find mm-mmm-good!  Continue reading “Good, Fresh Eats!”