Volunteer Day at Girls, Inc.

On Tuesday, August, 9, 2016, I joined forces with the newly formed chapter of the Younger Women’s Task Force of San Antonio, a partner of AAUW – American Association of University Women, to volunteer at Girls Inc. for their inaugural Back to School Boutique at their Making a Difference Conference. As a new resident here, I am always looking to network with other like-minded women especially in an effort to give back. Thanks to, Continue reading “Volunteer Day at Girls, Inc.”


Update: What’s Going On!

Hey there people!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well lots has been going on in my little world including growing our little human. I cannot believe how fast time is flying by! I wish I could press a pause or rewind button to capture every single moment of growth and activity. I’ve been trying to document my physical growth with a weekly picture (which I’ll blog about later), but sometimes I fall short, simply get too busy (i.e. lazy) to take a picture, or simply don’t feel camera-worthy. Continue reading “Update: What’s Going On!”


Unity through Despair – Kaye Smith

This past weekend, hundreds of family and friends gathered to pay our final respects to my beloved cousin, Karen Faye “Kaye” Smith.

Her death was truly a shock to all who knew her, especially her only child, Ashley, her grandkids, her mother, and her siblings. Though it was a solemn occasion, a true celebration of her life ensued on the days leading up to and on the day of her home-going services. Continue reading “Unity through Despair – Kaye Smith”


Good, Fresh Eats!

Welp, summer is officially upon us here in Houston, TX. In other words, IT. IS. HAWT! Besides the fact that I don’t want to feel like an overblown balloon, I haven’t really been having a hunch for heavy foods lately. So, I’ve been exploring the green side of feasting. Now, I am not the most healthy in the bunch. Honestly! [I won’t openly admit to scarfing down 5 traditional mild wings with potato wedges covered in shredded cheese and cajun seasoning from Buffalo Wild Wings within an hour of consuming meal #1 below.] Nonetheless, considering that I’m eating for myself and a little one now, I’m trying to make more health conscious decisions. Anywho, I thought I should share a couple of my favorite go-tos that I find mm-mmm-good!  Continue reading “Good, Fresh Eats!”


My Personal Pregnancy Fitness Faves

As you’ve probably read in my About Me section, I am expecting my first little munchkin in October 2016. Being from Louisiana (and still visiting quite frequently), I’ve realized how easy it can be to fall into the “I can eat everything I want to now” trap. Believe me, EVERYONE will want to feed you once they find out you are with child. Lol! Auntie, Grandma, Mommy, Mr. Johnnie from the corner store, will all offer meals on top of meals to aid in the growth of your little angel. If you were so kindly raised to believe that it is just rude to reject anything being offered (like myself), this post is for you. I’ve scoured Pinterest and the internet to find workouts tailored to us Mums-to-be to help us stay toned during ‘baking season.’

5 Simple Pregnancy Exercises for Every Trimester

FitPregnancy Mag Continue reading “My Personal Pregnancy Fitness Faves”

Hair & Beauty

Road to Essence Fest – Houston, TX

Road2Essence Banner

This weekend, I had the pleasure of representing several natural hair and beauty brands on the #RoadtoEssenceFestival tour. I’ve worked as a brand ambassador representing a variety of brands since my college days, but anything Essence Fest, hair, or beauty related always seem to be favorites! How convenient is it that this event was inclusive of all 3! Continue reading “Road to Essence Fest – Houston, TX”